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Diet slimming the abdomen

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20 tips to lose belly fat in a week
20 tips to lose belly fat in 1 week
Posted by: Mohamed Qaoud, Nutritionist and certified instructor from the International Academy of Sports Science ISSA and the Australian FIA fitnation
06/19/18 10:26 AM
Belly fat or rumen is very troublesome for both men and women, it makes you look bad in clothes, reduces your self-confidence and may draw attention and ridicule your colleagues. Who among us does not like to wear a flat belly shirt or shirt without a big ball sticking out of the pants psychologically painfully hanging off?
Notable abdominal fat not only affects your appearance, but behind this rumen is visceral fat that reduces insulin sensitivity and causes diabetes and increases the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis and cancer (source), in addition to men who have erectile dysfunction.
What are the causes of the emergence of rumen?
The topic is not complicated, these fats you have gained due to inactivity and wrong eating habits (fast food, sweets, fat cooking, etc.). Every day that you eat more calories than you need, these extra calories are stored in the belly fat. Genetics play a big role in where these fats are stored. It is common in men to store belly fat (the body of an apple) and in women store fat in the buttocks and thighs (the pear body).
I know that you have read a lot about the reason that rumen fat is caused by drinking water while eating, drinking cola, eating before bed, weakening the abdominal muscles, sleeping after eating, or sleeping on the stomach!
All of these reasons are nonsense, there is no basis for it or scientific evidence. A large amount of rumen is a fat accumulation due to excess calories and inactivity. Therefore, in order to lose belly fat very quickly, you must reduce your fat percentage to 10% for men and less than 20% for women, as we see in the picture.
Slimming the rumen in two days
If you want to calculate your percentage of fat, you can easily calculate it in your home using the measurement meter via the body fat percentage calculator.
Is it possible to get rid of belly in a week or two?
I always prefer quick fat loss because it motivates the obese person to stick. When the fat person sees his weight getting down quickly every week, and sees his clothes expand, he stimulates work and effort and is not frustrated or out of the health system. And I wrote this in the article “Is Fast or Better Slimming Fast? “
For these reasons, today I am writing 20 tips to help you lose belly fat as quickly as possible. I made sure that the recipes and tips are easy to understand and apply.
Article contents
1- Abdominal diet
2 – Rumen slimming exercises
3- Increasing non-athletic motor activity
4 – Herbs for slimming and burning fat
5- Cardio or aerobics:
6 – Increase drinking water
7 – Increase vegetables and fiber
8- Eat omega-3
9- Drink green tea daily
10 – sleep enough
12- Abdominal slimming device?
13- Change bad eating habits and behaviors
14 – Eat your daily calcium need
15 – Fat Burners
16 – Liposuction or freezing of crayons
17 – Avoid Trans fat
18 – Don’t cut fat from your diet
19 – Reduce stress
20 – Make sure you don’t have a vitamin D deficiency
1- Abdominal diet
As I have spoken previously, the increase in the volume of rumen is due to excess food and excessive caloric accumulation in fat stores. In order to completely burn rumen fat, you must reduce the amount of calories you eat in order for the body to consume the deficiency in calories from the stores of rumen fat. And I will give you more than one method for healthy and easy to apply diet.
– 5 diet regimens without diet: This article has 5 easy regimens to follow without calculating the calories or weight of food. Very suitable and effective for beginner level.
Diet of the warrior for slimming: This diet also does not require a weight for food or an account for calories.
– A harsh diet for rumen slimming: This article contains a model for a harsh diet for abdominal slimming 1200 calories for those who want the fastest possible results.
– Models for calorie diet: If you prefer to calculate calories so that you have flexibility and eat what you love without deprivation or starvation, you can follow dozens of diets designed by my trainees.
To make things simpler for you, this is a Diet Diet 1500 Calories, in which you can switch via the Food Calorie Calculator:
Diet to remove rumen:
Breakfast: 3 eggs fried with a tablespoon of olive oil – 75 grams light feta cheese or cottage cheese (a small dish) – 60 grams white bread (a small loaf) – a green salad dish – with drinking half a liter of water during or after food to fill the stomach and increase satiety.
Lunch: 200 grams grilled or boiled chicken breasts or cooked in the oven without oils – 150 grams boiled white rice (small plate) – a variety of sauteed vegetables from zucchini, green pepper, carrots, broccoli and mushrooms – a banana or apple fruit – with drinking half a liter of water during or After food to fill the stomach and increase satiety.
Snack: Mixed Nuts Grip – Light Yogurt Box (Related article: Best Slimming Snack)
Dinner: a can of tuna, sardines or mackerel with lettuce, green pepper and lemon – 75 grams of cottage cheese or a cup of milk or low-fat yogurt – half a loaf of white bread – a fruit.
You can change the types of meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, and nuts daily so that you do not get bored.
And any other question regarding Diet for Abdominal Slimming, you can ask me for free on the forum or train with me personally.
2 – Rumen slimming exercises
The best programs for belly rumen are iron exercises, not cardio or aerobics! Let me tell you why, because muscles are active tissues that consume calories throughout the day even as you sleep. The higher your muscle mass, the more energy and calories you use, and the lower your body fat.
The problem is that you’ve definitely tried harsh, low-protein dieting regimens before, eroding your muscles and lowering your metabolic rate. This may cause your weight stability and the difficulty of losing belly fat. I wrote an article detailing about