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How to fix weight after losing it

When you start a diet for weight loss, and then you start approaching your ideal weight, you start thinking about how to maintain that ideal weight in the future. What is the stabilization system? Will I walk on a diet and deprived for life? How do I eat her time? Will I continue to exercise for life?
But first, there is an important question, do you really need to stabilize your weight?
It should be noted that there is no such thing as an “ideal weight”, but there is an ideal fat percentage, which is in the range of 10% or less for a man and 20% have talked about this topic in detail in the article “Calculating an ideal weight and calculating the percentage of fat”, You can also calculate your percentage of fat on the site calculator.
Because the ideal weight may not be an ideal “look”, I have shown you pictures of a person who is 170 cm in length and 70 kg in weight, his body is flabby and flabby, he has an ass or a small paunch, or maybe the size of his breasts is still large, then I show you another picture of a person of the same weight and The length, standing on a bodybuilding stage with a “six back”, a dry chest, a divider, and arms twisted with prominent veins, so is there any point in preserving the weight of 70 kg with a flabby and alienated body? The same goes for the women. Trainees weighing less than 50 kg came to me and still had a prominent rumen!