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How to reach the perfect body ?

Before talking about “fixing”, you should first talk about what you exactly prove.
What you need to fix is ​​an object with a low fat percentage and a good muscle mass, not just a low fat percentage, because it is possible to reach 10% fat as a man or 20% for a woman
If it is necessary to do resistance exercises (iron exercises) whether for a man or a woman, and this is not necessary only to get an attractive body, but the beginning began to lose weight without iron exercises, it will be followed by a great loss in muscle mass, and this will be accompanied by a significant decrease in your metabolic rate Diet (burning rate), and therefore a great difficulty in maintaining “your ideal body”, as muscle loss is followed by weakness in the ligaments and joints, osteoporosis, increased risk of injuries and fracture, especially for the elderly.
This is in terms of muscles and body shape, in terms of the diet itself, it should be an easy diet to stick with throughout your life, I wrote this in the article “The best diet slim in the world”
Doing diet based on starvation and deprivation will not lead to any result, even if you lose weight on it. Because maintaining “your ideal weight” is more difficult than losing it.
If you lose weight on the diet of starvation and deprivation, how will you maintain your new weight? Will you continue to starve and deprive forever? What if you gained 3-4 kg in any circumstance? Perhaps Eid, Ramadan, or traveled on vacation, determination, occasion, or Hangouts with your friends? Are you going to repeat the deprivation and starvation again and again and again?
You will not bear starvation forever. There is a study that found that 95% of those who lose weight on dieting gain it again (Source)
In order to be among the 5% who maintain their ideal weight and body forever, you must walk on a diet that is easy to adhere to, it may be macros, calculating calories, keto, intermittent fasting, etc. Each person is different, you can start with the article “50 Weight Loss Advice” until you have some basics to build on.
How to fix the weight ?:
You talked about what you have to maintain is an ideal body, in terms of muscle mass and fat percentage, not just weight.
And I talked about reaching the ideal body should be through a diet that is easy to stick to, and not a harsh diet and deprivation.
Stabilizing the weight itself when you eat daily maintenance calories, meaning that your body consumes daily energy for vital body processes such as blood circulation, respiratory, digestion, and output, controlling your temperature, movement, sleep, etc.
This energy is measured in calories and you can calculate your caloric needs here,
If your daily caloric needs are 2500 calories (for example), you must eat 2500 calories to stabilize your weight, and if you eat less than that you will lose your weight, and if you eat more than that your weight will increase, determine your daily caloric needs through calculations It may not be 100% accurate, you may eat 2500 calories a day and find your weight in continuous decline, and therefore you have to increase the calories slightly, or perhaps your weight exceeds 2500 calories and therefore you should reduce the calories a little, then continue again.
In order for the judgment to be better in this case, it is preferable to experiment for a long time, two or three weeks for judgment, and not just one week, because when you stop the diet and raise your calories from 1600 to 2500 for example, your body will increase 1-2 kg or more In a very short
maybe you use an application to monitor your weight change daily and calculate the average, and I also recommend that you follow through with the pictures.
And there is a common question, is it necessary to measure my food weight and calculate calories for life ?:
No, if you continue a long time on the weight of your food and calculate your calories (which is the ideal way in my opinion to lose weight), then you will have an idea of ​​the amount of food that reduces your weight and the amount of food that increases your weight, you will have experience of the calories of food you eat without Its weight, and therefore you can stabilize your weight or lose it without using the scale. I have years to lose my weight or prove it without using a kitchen scale or calculating my calories, and this is because I have long years weighing my food and calculating my calories.
Is it better to start eating calories directly or gradually ?:
In other words, if someone eats 1600 calories in a diet and needs 2,500 calories, and he wants to start fixing (or amplifying), does he start eating 2500 calories directly, or eat 2000 calories for a week and then 2300 then 2500?
The truth is that there is no necessity for graduation, you can start eating 2500 calories immediately after the end of the diet, but I prefer the graduation to control water and food retention and calm the trainee psychologically, if the trainee started with me eating 2500 calories directly and gain 3 kg in a week I will It panic, especially since at the end of the diet, it may take a month or more to lose these 3 stars.
Here are other tips for maintaining your ideal body:
1- Learn new habits and skills:
Dieting may stick to it for a few months and get out of it, but the customs remain forever. Losing and maintaining weight does not come from a short-term diet, but rather through habits you gain and skills you learn that remain with you forever.
Such as increasing your lifelong motor activity for life, learning new healthy recipes on a daily basis, drinking water with meals, chewing food slowly, weekly shopping for healthy food and keeping your kitchen clean from harmful food..etc, learning new habits will need more From reading and reading.
There is scientific research found that adopting a new hobby such as baking and cooking helps to stabilize weight after dieting (source)
2- Continue the exercise:
And here I am talking about
Continue the exercise:
And here I am talking about iron and cardio exercises, iron exercises that you continue to increase your muscle mass, or even preserve it, because if you leave the iron exercises your muscles will shrink,
Your muscles will not turn into fats and this nonsense, but the muscles are not eternal, and if you stop lifting weights your body will get rid of them,
As for the cardio, its importance during stabilization is greater than