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14 exercises to lose the buttocks and thighs in a week

Buttocks or buttocks are among the most common areas of the body that women seek to slim and tighten. And not only women, some men also want to have strong buttocks that are consistent with their upper body. As the weak or flat buttocks of the man give the impression of physical weakness. And we explain to you exercises to lose the buttocks, thighs and butt in a week.
In fact, one of the reasons for the sagging buttocks and the increase in their size is the large number of sitting, as this causes muscle atrophy due to the limited use. In addition to the main reason is eating large quantities of fast foods and sweets with high calories and this leads to the accumulation of body fat in general and buttocks in particular for many people.
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Before we talk about solutions to lose weight, lift the butt, and tighten its sagging, this is a quick look at the anatomy of the butt muscle.
Glutes muscle anatomy:
Tugging butt
The butt muscle is one of the strongest muscles in the body, and in fact it is 3 muscles: the largest ones are Gluteus Maximus and they are the strongest butt muscles and are fully visible, while the muscles of Gluteus Medius and Gluteus Minimus are two smaller muscles and are not visible, where they are below the Gluteus Maximus muscle as in the picture.
Tightening flabby butt burning fat buttocks.
As we can see in the picture, the Gluteus Maximus muscle originates from the top of the Illium and Sacrum and ends at the so-called Illiotipial Band.
The function of Gluteus Maximus muscle is to move the hip extension, hip rotation, and move the thigh forward and backward (like you’re kicking a ball).
This is the intended movement of Hip Extension
Tail lift
The Gluteus Medius muscle also begins at Illium and ends at the top of the greater trochanter of the femur. Gluteus Medius’ job is to move the thigh and pelvis rotation.
Finally, the Gluteus Minimus muscle is the smallest butt muscle. It originates from the middle of the illium and also ends at the top of the greater trochanter of the femur. The function of Gluteus Minimus muscle is moving and turning the thigh.
As we see the three muscles that make up the butt participate in several movements, and thus most of the butt exercises work the three muscles together.
There are many benefits to exercising and strengthening the butt muscles:
1 – Improving the straightness, especially the straightness of the pelvis and the lower back.
2- Protect the lower back and knee from injuries, and protect the hips and thigh muscles from tearing.
3 – Increase running speed and jump length, and improve athletic performance for any sport that depends on running, fast movement and jumping.
4 – And of course, increasing the muscle mass in the butt gives an attractive shape to the woman, or what some call it (the Brazilian butt).
Before we talk about exercises to strengthen and tighten the flabby of the butt, I want to talk to you about how to slim the butt and thighs first …
Butt lifting exercises in a week and slimming the buttocks:
There is an incorrect information that the butt and butt stretching exercises help dissolve the big butt fat. This is far from true. It is not possible to target any body fats and lose them without others. There is no diet for the buttocks, recipes, paints, creams, mixtures, or herbs that have the ability to burn the buttocks fat without