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12 exercises and lengthening to tighten the sagging abdominal postpartum

talk about tummy tuck after a cesarean delivery, we must know that a large part of this sagging is due to a large accumulation of fat due to excessive food. Where it has been the norm in the Arab world that the family advise the pregnant woman to spend too much food to feed her fetus, and the woman finds this justification for eating foundries, stuffings, sweets, etc.
You can control your weight gain during pregnancy, for the first 3 months you will only need to consume your energy needs or what is called TDEE and you can calculate it through the daily calorie needs calculator on our website after 3 months all you need is 300 additional calories above your needs. In the last two months, you need 500 extra calories. Add 300 calories per child if you are pregnant with more than one child, with a focus on eating healthy food that nourishes you and the fetus according to the instructions of a pregnancy monitoring doctor.
Don’t you see, there’s no need to waste too much food to grow the fetus. On the contrary, when your stomach is filled with harmful food and sweets, this leaves no room for healthy food that contains the nutrients the fetus needs. Perhaps that is why our children are getting healthier and smaller in size because of pollution and the poor quality of food our women eat.
Also, a common mistake is to leave the woman for complete inactivity during pregnancy. Do we not see in the Arab films that the husband says to his wife, “Relax, I will make tea” as soon as he learns that she is pregnant? You need to exercise during pregnancy more than you need at any other time. Sport during pregnancy reduces harmful stress in the fetus, as it prevents lower back pain and improves the efficiency of blood circulation and improves integrity and helps in natural childbirth and prevents diabetes that may arise during pregnancy and is called gestational sugar. You can perform aerobics and iron exercises completely safe except for some prohibited exercises, but this is a topic that goes a long way.
In summary, do not leave me idle, lazy and extravagant food during childbirth as usual.
Tightening and strengthening abdominal sagging after birth:
The first step to slimming the abdomen after giving birth is to stick to a healthy diet with 500 calories less than your daily needs. The next exercises will not help lose one gram of the abdomen. There is no solution to lose weight in the abdomen or buttocks after childbirth except the diet. Paints, medications, hardware, thermo-belts, herbs and similar products from imposters and descending movie channel ads won’t do anything. You have gained this fat due to extravagance in food, and thus this appearance will not be reversed except by reducing food.
We come to sports after pregnancy. The best exercises to lose weight after pregnancy are iron exercises. Iron exercises increase muscle mass, and muscles, in turn, increase the metabolic rate because they are active tissues that consume calories even during rest. In addition to the benefits of heavy iron exercises to strengthen bones, joints, and ligaments, and greatly improve the shape of women. You can read more about iron exercises for women here.
Unfortunately, we have an obstacle before starting iron or abdominal exercises, which is called abdominal cramping, or Diastasis