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Slimming and diet to burn fat

Start the article with the introduction of “obesity, the disease of the age” .. and cause diabetes and heart diseases..etc. This is something you know very well, and therefore we offer tips for losing weight, losing belly, and a diet regimen for burning fat.
I know why you are here. You want a diet system to burn fat for the rumen or buttocks that you see in the mirror every day. Want a flat belly with prominent muscles. You want to wear tight-fitting clothes that suit you, instead of having to hide the contours of your body under loose-fitting clothes. You want a new life and gain admiration and respect from those around you, and this is not a shame or something strange.
95% of those who have trained with me prioritize changing their body shape before improving their health. Of course, this does not mean that I recommend anything harmful to your health.
If your goal is to improve your body shape and build strong muscles, you must now stop the severe accursions and methods circulating in the Arab world because they are simply simply never working.
In spite of the proliferation of slimming clinics, the ease of buying sports equipment, medicine, etc., and the spread of information on the Internet, obesity has become terrible in the Arab world.
And the problem of harsh dieting is not only Arab.
In an important study (2) that was conducted at the University of California in 2007, scientists gathered the studies done on followers of various dieters from obesity patients during a period of 40 years, and the scientists noted that all dieters work in the short term already, but whenever scientists follow the condition of patients after stopping On the Diet, they find that they have gained the lost weight again. The longer the follow-up period after the diet, the more scientists will notice the weight loss.
Another study conducted in 1970 (3), scientists held obese patients in a hospital, starved them for 38 days, and actually lost a significant weight. The scientists followed the patients after leaving the hospital for two years, and discovered that 23% of these patients had gained weight again. After another two years, the number of patients who gained their lost weight increased to 83%.
what about you? How many times has this happened to you? To go to a slimming clinic, be a diet enthusiast, pledge to commit and start a new life, and see the dream of being associated with your dream partner approaching, and the dream of wearing the right clothes that come close to you. You endure free hunger, strenuous exercise, and lose your weight in the first few months, and reach a weight that satisfies you.
Then she will gain all this weight again. And blame your circumstances and your weak will. Then this cycle is repeated once, two and ten.
Do you know why you listen to me and my advice? Not because I have multiple degrees in training and nutrition. Not because all of my articles are high on Google search. And not because I am achieving real results (by the grace of God) with those who have trained them, Arabs and foreigners. But I advise you to listen to me because I was like you.
I had the same bad experiences of starvation, deprivation, and strenuous exercise as I lost my weight and gained it again dozens of times. I tried all the dieting, recipes, equipment and exercises and visited dozens of eminent physicians, nutritionists and trainers. But the results were only in the short term.