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Men are more likely to die from the Corona virus than women

Men are more likely to die from the Corona virus than women
Chinese researchers concluded that men are at greater risk of death than women if they contract the emerging corona virus, according to the largest study on the outbreak until now, and in research published today, Tuesday, quoted by the American network “CNBC”, data revealed that the rate of Mortality is higher among men than among women, where the death rate for male patients is 2.8%, while 1.7% of infection among women leads to death.
 Male patients, about 23 thousand of those infected with the Corona virus, which is equivalent to 51%, while the number of confirmed women with pulmonary fatal disease reached 21 thousand and 691 cases, by the end of February 11, the date on which researchers stopped collecting data.
The researchers pointed out that the elderly and those already suffering from other diseases were more at risk of developing the deadly “Covid 19” disease.
The study found that the death rate increases with age, as the death rate among patients over the age of eighty years reached about 14.8%, and 8% in the age group between 70 and 79 years, while the death rate falls to 3.6% among those aged Between 60 and 69 years old.
According to the researchers, the total mortality rate among all age groups and their degree of injury is 2.3%, which is a total of 1023 deaths for the cases studied.
The study showed that 10.5% of deaths were from cardiovascular disease before they developed the new virus, and 7.3% among diabetics, but the largest share of deaths were among those with chronic respiratory disease, high blood pressure and cancer.
In patients who had no reported medical conditions, the death rate decreased to 0.9%, according to the study.
The study details the 44,672 confirmed cases of the pneumonia, 16,186 suspected cases, and 889 cases the carrier did not show any symptoms, and the patients were classified into three groups according to whether their symptoms were mild, acute or critical.
The researchers studied 72,314 patient records from the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention.
The majority of patients’ cases were recorded in people between the ages of 30 and 69, according to the research, and most people infected with the Coruna virus – officially called “Covid-19” reported “exposure to infection through something related to Wuhan Province”, which is believed to be the point of spread of the virus, While 81% of confirmed cases were classified as mild