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Corona virus imposed “blockade” on 150 million Chinese

Corona virus imposed “blockade” on 150 million Chinese
At least 150 million people in China, more than 10 percent of the country’s population, are facing siege and restrictions on leaving their homes, due to fear of a further spread of the emerging coronavirus.
The New York Times said the restrictions were imposed to prevent the spread of Corona, which prompted authorities around the world to take emergency preventive measures.
“Across China, severe restrictions and controls have been imposed on people’s movements,” she added.
A survey conducted by the American newspaper found that at least 150 million people in China face restrictions that restrict their movements and reduce their exit from homes.
“This number represents a subset of more than 760 million people in China whose neighborhoods have restricted their movements, which means that more than half of the country’s population is concerned with restrictions,” she added.
These strict restrictions are not to receive guests in some residential neighborhoods, to check the temperature of all residents upon entering, and to show identity to prove the place of residence.
In some areas, only one person from each family is allowed to leave his home (not necessarily every day) to spend the necessary items, within a