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director of the Wuhan City Hospital died of the Corona virus

The director of the Wuhan City Hospital died of the Corona virus
Chinese state television announced the death of a director of a major hospital in Wuhan on Tuesday due to infection with the new Corona virus, while King Shuang, a spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, demanded today that he respect the advice of the World Health Organization, and not to overreact the infection with the virus
 Chinese official TV source Lu Lu Ming, general manager of Wuhan Wuchang Hospital, died of infection with the emerging coronavirus, on Tuesday morning.
The news came after the Chinese doctor underwent emergency recovery, after his health had deteriorated greatly due to HIV infection, according to a social media account of a director of the Hubei Provincial Health Committee.
Official figures released on Tuesday revealed that the death toll from the emerging corona virus has exceeded 1,800 people in China.
And counted the health authorities in the province from which the virus began to spread, 1,807 new infections on Tuesday, bringing the total to at least 72,300 infections in China.
There are no drugs or vaccines yet for the new virus, and the process of developing and trying new drugs may take several months.
For his part, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Qing Shuang said today that the WHO’s professional advice should be respected, and that the exaggerated response will make the matter worse.
According to the Chinese news agency “Xinhua” King made the comments, commenting on a recent comment by the Canadian Foreign Ministry in support of China’s efforts in the war against the Corona virus.
“I sincerely thank Canada for its support and assistance in China’s war against disease,” King said, adding that the Canadian Health Minister’s statement reflects a rational and science-based appreciation.
He added: “I want to emphasize that countries need to respect the advice of the World Health Organization. The overreaction will only make the situation