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death of 11 Iranians with the Corona virus

the Iranian Assistant Minister of Health, announced today, Friday, the death of 4 citizens affected by the new Corona virus “Covid-19”, and the increase of the number of HIV infections across the country to 18 infected
The agency “Fars”, today, Friday, that the Iranian Minister of Health, confirmed that there are 24 suspected cases of infection with the Corona virus, are now in hospital, and the results will be clear and announced after taking the necessary laboratory tests.
In the same context, South Korea confirmed on Friday that 48 people were infected with the new Coronavirus “Covid 19”, bringing the death toll to 204 cases, and the South Korean Quarantine Measures Center said – according to Yonhap News Agency – that 48 new cases had been discovered. Today, 100 cases of HIV infection were confirmed in one day, including 52 cases this morning, in addition to the 48 new cases.

The center added that 46 of the 48 additional cases confirmed today had been mixed with injured people inside the “Chinchongi” Church in Daegu, while the remaining two cases were discovered in both Seoul and Gyeonggi Province.

The mayor of Seoul Park Won-sun, said Friday that he decided to prevent demonstrations in Kwanghua Moon Square in the center of the South Korean capital Seoul for a period of time due to the possibility of the spread of the new Corona virus “Covid-19”.

Park said at a press conference, according to the South Korean Yonhap News Agency, “We will prevent the use of the Seoul, Cheongke and Kwanghuamun squares, which are witnessing many gatherings of people in the center of the capital, to protect the vulnerable elderly from epidemic diseases